Eyelashes lamination SEXY Lamination

By direct manufacturer «Innovator of Cosmetics»

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Eyelashes lamination only for 140 $

only the most needed items in a convenient set of 50 and over procedures

The set includes all the necessary for 50 or more procedures:

Silicone pads "S", "M", "L" (1 pair of each size), composition "1" for eyelash and eyebrow lamination "Volume Lift", 8 ml, composition "2" for laminating eyelashes and eyebrows "Volume Fixer", 8 ml, composition "3" for laminating eyelashes and eyebrows "Liquid silk", 8 ml, RefectoCil (black color), 15 ml, RefectoCil oxidant, 50 ml, eyelash tweezers, 3m eyelash tape, biowave glue, 10 ml, Degreaser (Aromaprimer), 10 ml, make-up remover on oil-free basis, 50 ml, cleancer for removing glue, 10 ml, microbrashes 2 mm, 50 pcs., microbrashes 1 mm, 50 pcs., disposable brushes for eyelashes and eyebrows , 50 pcs., glass cup for mixing henna/paint 10 ml, cosmetic bag.

SEXY Lamination

The structure of the lamination components includes substances that give your eyelashes graceful curve, rich color, shining; they also recover eyelashes and protect them from adverse external influence.

Lamination procedure of means by a more stable effect, compared to a semi-permanent mascara, it lasts up to 3 months and makes your look really attractive!

Real liquid silk!

Excellent proven composition based on silicone and liquid keratin, enveloping lashes and creating a protective foil.

Storable packaging

Glass bottles are much more economical and durable than sachets, this allows spend more procedures much cheaper.

Fluids and materials for eyelashes

Everything you need for the procedures

"Volume Lift",
8 ML

"Volume Lift" for giving the eyelashes an elegant curve.
17 $

"Volume Fixer",
8 ML

"Volume Fixer" for fixing curled eyelashes with the desired state.
15.9 $

"Silk Essence",
8 ML

Liquid silk for eyelashes with hydrolyzed keratin and silicone.
17 $

10 ML

Rapidly sticks silicone pads to eyelids for eyelash biowave procedure.
17.9 $

S, M, L

A pair of pads for eyelashes biowave, size "S, M, L", from 100% medical grade silicone.
3.5 $

blue and white

Disposable eyeliner brushes, 1 mm thick and 2 mm thick. Excellent apply any composition.
5.5 $

for eyelashes, 10 ML

Used to remove grease from the surface of the eyelashes or eyebrows before applying different compositions.
5.9 $

Cleanser for eyelashes,
10 ML

Cleanses the eyelashes from various compositions - from biowave to liquids used for laminating eyelashes.
11.9 $

Instructions for Laminating Eyelashes

Sexy Lamination

Each master must have read the instructions before carrying out the lamination procedure. Different types of materials from different manufacturers can give a different effect. Take some time for our step-by-step instructions.
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