Long-term fixation brow SEXY

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eyebrow laying SEXY

The procedure for long-term styling of eyebrows solves the problem of asymmetry of eyebrows, hard hairs growing in the wrong direction and gives the desired shape and color. Laminating eyebrows makes it possible to create an ideal line, heals, strengthens eyebrows and nourishes them with useful substances.

Compositions for laying eyebrows Sexy contain fixing components, enveloping hairs and promote the growth and density of hairs. Thanks to lamination, the eyebrows retain the updated form for up to 2 months!

Effect lasts for up to 2 months!

Cream compositions

Storable packaging

Before &after

Suitable for eyelashes and eyebrows

for lift and lamination eyelashes

Kit for Long-term fixation brow SEXY

Long-term laying of eyebrows is indicated with asymmetry of eyebrows, eyebrows growing in the wrong direction, hard hairs.
83,25 $

Composition №1
"Volume Lift",
8 ml

Means for laying eyebrows.
22,15 $

Composition №2
"Volume Fixer",
8 ml

Means for long-term stowage of eyebrows.
20,55 $

Composition №3
"Nourishing Agent",
8 ml

Closes flakes of hairs at the end of the procedure, nourishes and protects them.
19,55 $

Instructions for applying formulations

Sexy BrowStyling

Each master must have read the instructions before carrying out the lamination procedure. Different types of materials from different manufacturers can give a different effect. Take some time for our step-by-step instructions.

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